Monday, August 01, 2011

Il legislatore che non vuol sentire la maggioranza | Associazione Luca Coscioni

Commentary published in Agenda Coscioni (in Italian) on Evans & Kelley's US attitudes toward human embryonic stem cell research.

The authors reports the finding of a 2009 US survey that shows that Americans are in favor of deriving human embryonic stem cells via somatic cell nuclear transfer--or better than they do not appreciate differences between deriving these cells from supernumerary embryos or via somatic cell nuclear transfer. They survey shows that Americans support the use of both sources if the research offers "hope of curing serious disease."

My comments reflect upon the (political and normative) link between policy and attitudes of the public and makes the simple argument that in democracies politicians must work towards making policies that respect popular attitudes if the majority expresses them and if a prohibition (discouraged by the majority) would limit fundamental freedoms that involve private and personal choices and, when exercised, do no infringe on other persons' freedoms. My comments certainly reflect the liberal view expressed by J.S. Mill.

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