Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A note to my reader(s)

I have been blogging irregularly about various topics. At one point, I turned off the comments. Sometimes it feels that things are published online get easily lost in the tons of information that every second are added to the Internet. Yet, recently, a person wrote me and asked to blog about some news (here is the blog entry that followed that request). The famous Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni wrote his masterpiece (I Promessi Sposi) assuming that he had’25 readers’ (in one occasion he referred to just 10 readers because he imagined that only 10 readers would follow him at that point).
I have one reader (and possibly more but I do not want to be too presumptuous) and that is enough to justify keep writing this blog. I will try to write more often and write entries that relate directly to my present research interests. I am working on issued of legal regulation of capitalism focusing in particular on the asbestos industry and the compensation of asbestos victims.
Therefore, I will try to post my reflections on two aspects of this research:

  1. Comments on the overall relationship between law and capitalism. It is a fascinating, difficult and very contemporary topic. I am learning about it every day and I would welcome any help (in terms of comments to my post or emails suggesting ideas or readings) to deepen my understanding of this complex relationship. (blog label = capitalism and law)
  2. News regarding various initiatives involving asbestos compensation around the world. In particular, I will try to follow the developments of a criminal trial that will start in early December 2009 in Torino. It will be an extraordinary trial, one of his kind: executives of the Swiss company Eternit will be tried for criminal actions that cause disease and deaths among communities whose members worked for or lived in the vicinity of several asbestos plants in Italy (blog label = asbestos compensation).
As a social scientist and an intellectual, I am interested in understanding how we came about to set up societies in which people go to work to make a living and then die because of the employment itself.
Please read my blog, comment it, send me suggestions. Be critical, engaged, and thoughtful because we need these three qualities to figure out how to imagine a better world.


Aurora Palesca said...

Thanks for posting! Yes, it is one the great ironies of our time that we essentially become slaves to our professions in an attempt to gain the ever-coveted "financial freedom". Looking forward to more of your thoughts.

Emanuele said...

Dear Professor Boggio,

can I be reductive for a second? The development of such societies aren't they linked intrisically to capitalistic society?


Arica Kelley said...

Hehee...I truly enjoy reading your thoughts..and hope you continue to write..With my courses, it is difficult to find time to write. Hugs!