Sunday, February 03, 2008

Luca Cavalli- Sforza's comparative view of research

In A Genetic and Cultural Odyssey, Linda Stone and Paul Lurquin reports on Luca Cavalli- Sforza's comparative view of research in the UK and in the US. Here is an excerpt:

Cavalli's experience at Stanford during his trial year and later allowed him to form impressions of science in the United States as compared to elsewhere . . . science in England is highly efficient. This . . . is because researchers there are allowed their own niches, resulting in little redundancy . . . the United States, although good for doing research in terms of facilities, money, and the availability of collaborators in many fields, suffers from the "rat race," the drive to be first. This only creates unnecessary anxiety but also results in many scientists doing the same thing, hence a wasted duplication of effort.

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