Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The inter-generational conflict in Italy

My latest writing for La Goccia has been posted. The issue is devoted to the inter-generational conflict in Italy. In Italy, young people often complain that society is not giving them enough opportunities, and that the primary reason lies with the desire of older generations to hold on to their positions without leaving much space left to newcomers. If that's true, what is the cause of that?

Answering this question certainly requires much more than a few lines in a blog. However, my argument is that younger generations are to be blamed to some extent because of their lack of reaction to a suffocating reality. The argument is based on the following claims:
- Italians (and my experience tells that this is true for other nations in Europe) have an utterly resistant need for paternalism (within and beyond the family);
- The inter-generational dialogue is insufficient and perhaps non-existent;
- Younger generations have more often resisted rather than reacted to paternalism and lack of dialogue;

For the actual situation to get better, my recipe combines the willingness to, on one hand, react and perhaps engage in a more confrontational attitude and, on the other hand, live up to the duties and responsibility that age brings along.